Providing Research Services to Personal Injury Attorneys

Red Folder Research is a specialty niche research group with a primary focus on supplying a wide range of insurance policy information to the legal industry. Our primary service focuses on providing Insurance Liability Limits tracing. Our service is provided on a “No Hit, No Fee basis.” This worry-free service enables attorneys to effectively ascertain available insurance policy limits information prior to proceeding with a case.

On a secondary basis and under a separate fee structure, Red Folder Research also provides Insurance Policy Existence research, Home Owners Policy Limits traces, and Umbrella Policy Limits traces. 

At Red Folder Research, with our experienced and dedicated team of researchers, we are focused on delivering quality results to our partner attorneys. We offer our services nationwide and can offer trace results as quickly as 12 hours on a 12-Hour Rush Request. 

At Red Folder Research, our primary service, “Liability Limits Trace” provide plaintiff attorneys with the information needed to intelligently determine the financial viability of a potential claim. Our clients understand the value and will not proceed with a new liability claim without first utilizing Red Folder Research. 

Liability Limit Tracing

Request a Liability Limit Trace if you are seeking the liability limits for an insurance policy for an at-fault party. This service can be ordered by pressing the “Order Now” button in the upper right-hand corner of this site.

Additional services: please call 208-401-5698 or email for pricing and availability.

Background Check- a process to verify that an individual is who they claim to be, and this provides an opportunity to check and confirm the validity of someone's criminal record, education, employment history, and other activities from their past.

Pre-Employment Screening- Get fast, reliable reports so you can hire today. Included in your report is a National Criminal Report, Detailed Credit Report, and an Identity Report.

Judgement Recovery Asset Search- Designed to identify and locate assets such as real property, vehicle, aircraft, watercraft, financial accounts, income sources and existing civil litigation.

Skip Tracing- This is the process of locating a person (debtor, party to a lawsuit…etc) who has “skipped” or left town. Especially helpful for cases in which the person has failed to answer or return repeated calls, emails, or process service.

Medical Record Retrieval and Document Retrieval- Quick and efficient retrieval of documents, files, images, or other information which are created or collected for a patient by a physician or a hospital/healthcare representative. Medical records are being stored more and more in digital format. Utilizing our Retrieval service can expedite your case settlement time.

Traffic Accident Investigations- Thorough investigation of traffic accidents to determine what caused and accident and to assist in preventing accidents in the future. A good traffic accident investigator can prove who was the at-fault party.

Family Research- Ancestry tracing, researching descendants, DNA Analysis, genealogy, inheritance tracing, public records search, and translating foreign records.

Process Serving- Delivery of a set or series of documents describing legal action. Combined with our skip tracing service, our Process Servers are efficient and relentless in pursuit of accurate and documented process service.

Workman’s Comp Fraud- Records review, surveillance, social media tracing, and other investigative tools are utilized to root out fraudulent Workman’s Comp claims.

Tenant Screening- Quickly and easily screen potential tenants including criminal, credit, and eviction reports.