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Providing Research Services to Personal Injury Attorneys

Red Folder Research is a specialty niche research group and information broker with a primary focus on supplying a wide range of insurance policy information to the legal industry. Our primary service focuses on providing Insurance Liability Limits tracing. Our service is provided on a “No Hit, No Fee basis.” This worry-free service enables attorneys to effectively ascertain available insurance policy limits information prior to proceeding with a case.

On a secondary basis and under a separate fee structure, Red Folder Research also provides Insurance Policy Existence research, Home Owners Policy Limits traces, and Umbrella Policy Limits traces. 

At Red Folder Research with our experienced and dedicated team of researchers, we are focused on delivering quality results to our partner attorneys. We offer our services nationwide and can offer trace results as quick as 12 hours on a 12-Hour Rush Request. 

At Red Folder Research, our primary service, “Liability Limits Trace” provide plaintiff attorneys with the information needed to intelligently determine the financial viability of a potential claim. Our clients understand the value and will not proceed with a new liability claim without first utilizing Red Folder Research. 

Liability Limit Trace: (Auto, Commercial, Home, Umbrella)

Scenario: You have just accepted a new client who was involved in a motor vehicle accident in which they are not at-fault. The police report indicates that the at-fault party has auto insurance with ABC Insurance. However, your pre-litigation attempts to determine policy limits from ABC Insurance have been unanswered. While you certainly can file suit and obtain the information in the discovery process, there are costs and time associated. Moreover, for strategic reasons, you may find it advantageous to have the policy liability limits during settlement attempts and prior to litigation. 

Request a Red Folder Research “Liability Limit Trace" if you are seeking the Liability Limits for an insurance policy in which the policy number and/or claim number are already identified. If the policy number and/or claim number are unknown, Red Folder Research can still provide the policy limits if the insurance company is known. There will be an additional $75.00 charge for requests that do not include a policy and/or claim number.

To order this service, please complete the Insurance Liability Limit Trace Request Form. On this form, please supply all of the requested information to ensure accurate trace results.

Once we have completed our research, we will email you a report with the policy limits. Normal turn-around time for an Insurance Policy Limits Trace is 5-7 business days. A 5-Day rush is available for an additional $25. 3 Day rush is available for an additional $50. 12 hour rush for an additional $100.

Notes: We only verify the policy liability limits for the term of the policy. We make no guarantee as to the effectiveness of the policy on the date of loss, nor can we ensure that a particular vehicle or property is covered.