List of Fee Schedules for Tracing Services

Liability Limit tracing services are offered on a ‘No-Hit, No-Fee’ basis. Thus, if we do not find the policy limits that you have requested, there is no charge to you. A definitive confirmation that there is NO COVERAGE ON THE DATE OF LOSS is considered a successful search. ONLY AN INCONCLUSIVE RESULT OR A NO-HIT will result in ‘No-Fee.’ 

Policy Existence is any trace request without an insurance company name provided. Subject to a $200.00 processing fee. If your Policy Existence trace results in a positive research result, the $200.00 processing fee will be waived and our standard Policy Existence (as shown below) fee will apply. If your Policy Existence trace request results in a ‘No-Hit', then you will be invoiced solely for the $200.00 processing fee. Commercial Policy Existence processing fees are $300.00.

We no longer accept the following insurance carriers for cases: USAA, American National, Go Insurance, Federated Insurance or Affiliates, or Wawanesa Insurance. If you have any questions, please call our office at (208) 401-5698

Personal - Auto Liability Limits$200
Personal - Homeowners Limits$200
Personal - International Auto Policy Limits***$950
Personal - Umbrella Limits $100
Policy Existence - (Personal) - (You do not know the at-fault parties' Insurance Carrier)$550
Policy Existence - (Personal) No Hit Processing Fee$200
Commercial - Auto Policy Limits** $400
Commercial - General Liability Limits** $400
Commercial - International Auto Policy Limits*** $1350
Commercial - Umbrella Limits** $300
Policy Existence - (Commercial) (GL or Auto) Trucking Companies only*$750
Policy Existence - (Commercial) No Hit Processing Fee Trucking Companies Only*$300
Additional Fees on Products/Services: (These fees will be in addition to the ones listed above, if applicable) ↑
Specialty Carriers - (These insurance carriers require additional resources) (21st Century, AAA, Bristol West, Coast National, Farmers, Foremost, Mercury)$75
Date of Loss Over (1) within (3) Years From Date of Request$50
Date of Loss Over (3) within (5) Years From Date of Request$100
Date of Loss Over (5) within (10) Years From Date of Request$500
UI/UIM (Under-Insured/Un-Insured Motorists)$25
Policy Period- Verifies policy term for date-of-loss$50
Policy Number- Verifies and provides the unknown policy number$25
1-3 Hour Rush- Expedited results within 1-3 business hours - Please call Red Folder Research (208) 401-5698 for pre-approval!$300
12-Hour Rush- Expedited results within 12 business hours - Note: Business hours are 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM MT$100
24-Hour Rush- Expedited results within 24 business hours - Note: Business hours are 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM MT$75
3-Day Rush- Expedited results within 3 Business Days$50
5-Day Rush- Expedited results within 5 Business Days$25
Case Cancellation Fee - This fee gets charged if a case is canceled 8 or more Business hours from receipt of the order$50
Period of Loss Searches- Any search to identify a policy within a Loss Period as opposed to a Specific Date of Loss$300
Other Products: Skip Tracing- Searches for phone numbers, addresses, etc. Please call our office to confirm prior to sending a request!Call For Pricing
Other Case Types not listed above: Call our office for pricing (208) 401-5698Call For Pricing

*Commercial Policy Existence cases are limited to Trucking Companies only at this time. You may call our office (208) 401-5698 to inquire about different Commercial Policy Existence cases you may have.

**All Commercial cases have a $25.00 Processing fee if the results are "No-Hit."

***International Searches - Any search conducted on a Non U.S. based insurance carrier and/or and individuals/entities residing outside of the U.S. is considered an International Search