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Fee Schedule For All Services

Liability Limit tracing services are offered on a "No-Find, No Fee" basis. Thus, if we do not find the policy limits that you have requested, there is no charge to you.

Terms and Conditions Notice Regarding Insurance Tracing Requests

FEES & BILLING:  OUR TERMS OF BUSINESS are NET FIFTEEN (15) days, unless prior arrangements have been made. The fifteen (15) days begins from the date Red Folder Research, LLC and/or Red Folder Investigations, LLC returns the emailed or faxed results and invoice to your office. Invoices not paid within fifteen (15) days are subject to a twenty-five dollar ($25) penalty. Additionally, every 30 days a 15% (of total balance) late fee will be assessed. Invoices not paid within sixty (60) days will result in collections actions and the pursuit of legal remedies.